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I'm gonna catch up with my reviews during the whole of this week. To do so, you'll see me type-writing on my phone almost everytime I hopped on to the train while transiting to and from work.

For this entry, I'm gonna round up my thoughts of Maybelline The Falsies mascara in the following points:

Maybelline The Falsies VolumExpress Waterproof Mascara-6  
- Cool purple tube with the same jumbo design of the Volum' Express series
- Flattened and Curved mascara wand (applicator portion) with traditional bristles
- Considered to be a medium to large size wand depending on size of your eyes
- Only available in Black
- Cost SGD 18.90 at Watsons, Guardian Pharmacy and all Maybelline counters in department stores/beauty outlets
- Doesn't get clumpy up to 3 coats
- Curved applicator makes it easier to reach inner and outer corner lashes
- Very waterproof
- Requires waterproof eye/lip makeup remover to thoroughly remove it
- Holds up curled lashes throughout the day
- No flaking or smudging at the end of the day (8-12hrs)
- Volumize and thickens lashes
- Mild lengthening effect
- Light mascara formular that dries fast
- Makes lashes look intensely dark and black

Maybelline The Falsies VolumExpress Waterproof Mascara-7 Maybelline The Falsies VolumExpress Waterproof Mascara-9  

Before and After Application Shots:
Obviously, makeup on the eye on the left side of this picture has been removed. There are more close-up shots of the before and after application for your reference on the effects of Maybelline The Falsies Mascara on me!

Maybelline The Falsies-Before & After Application-05 Maybelline The Falsies-Before & After Application-04 Maybelline The Falsies-Before & After Application-03 Maybelline The Falsies-Before & After Application-02Maybelline The Falsies-Before & After Application-01 Maybelline The Falsies-Before & After Application-08 Maybelline The Falsies-Before & After Application-07 Maybelline The Falsies-Before & After Application-06

Highly recommended for those that wish to thicken and darken your lashes, holds curl and stays waterproof throughout the day! Also recommended for those with buldging lids as the mascara applicator contours with the shape of your eyes, minimizes staining of lids.

Tell me if you want a detailed review on this!


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