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Today's spotlight is shinning on this particular mascara which i've used for quite a while and now I'm wondering why it wasn't reviewed thus far! Even photos were already taken some time back!

Okok, no more blabblering, lets get into the points:
- Packaging is sleek, sturdy and streamlined shape but kinda "cheap plastic feel"
- The wand uses traditionsl bristles, medium-sized brush with tappered tip and "mid-drift"
- Formular of the mascara is more towards the creamy to slightly-dry kinda texture
- Only available in Extreme Black Colour
- Has 2 other products in this Doll Eye series that cater for Length and Waterproof
- Application is mess-free, doesnt get clumpy up to 3 or 4 coats
- Colour is intense and helps with defining, darkening of lashes
- Volumizing effect is average coz it fans out the lashes to create that "wide-eye-dolly" look
- Lengthens lashes mildly
- Does not get flaky or smudge eye areas at the end of day
- Quite water resistance as it survived my teary-left-eye
- Removal is easy with normal makeup removers
- Curl-holding power is good but must curl lashes well before apply else might weigh down lashes alittle
- Got it locally from smoochiezz at SGD12.00, cherryculture selling at around USD7.99
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Highly recommended for easy application and its doll-eye effect + water resistance property!

Stay tuned for more mini reviews!


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