My sister and I were long due for some hair treatment as the "hay stack" at the top of our head was getting out of control!

We took the chance to check out the deals for hair treatments and found this via

$104 instead of $316, 67% off Choice of Digital Perming or Hair Rebonding + Colour + Hair Treatment + Haircut+ Wash + Blow @ Joe Coiffure. Conveniently Located at Far East Plaza.

Screenie-Outlet Voucher Deal  

We bought the voucher and made a call to book for an appointment the next day morning. Suprisingly, luck is on our side and we get to do our hair on Sunday!

Before I rattle on and on about the experience at Joe's Coiffure, let's take a look at some of the shots taken during and after the treatment. I chose to have my hair rebonded + coloured with deep purple-ish red dye.

Rebonding&Colouring-2 Rebonding&Colouring-1 Rebonding&Colouring-11 Rebonding&Colouring-10 Rebonding&Colouring-9 Rebonding&Colouring-7 Rebonding&Colouring-5 Rebonding&Colouring-3  

Brand of products used:
i) Rebonding - Hair Senze / 헤어 센즈
ii) Colouring - BEAVER

The hair stylists that attended to us is Joe/Joey and Jess, and both of the are very meticulous during the whole process from assessing our hair to applying the chemicals till the end. They were so cautious and attention-to-detail that as they question us about our last visit to a hair salon, the treatments we did, when it was done, their hands were still fluffing at our hair, flipping it here and there, their eyes scrutinizing the condition of the hair and until they are convinced that they have fully assessed our hair condition and the extend of which the chemicals can be applied, did they proceed to get us to choose the hair colours.

Also, when Joey applied the rebonding cream to my hair, she remembered the area where it was last rebonded, and only applied the cream to the areas where it wasn't treated from the last time I rebonded my hair.

"It is not because we want to save on the products used but by double treating your hair with the cream, we are causing more damage than necessary to your hair, it's the same for colouring, although we charge the same price and go through the same procedure, but it is always recommended to simply colour the grown-out hairs than to recolour the whole head to take advantage of the products used. Unless of course, you wish to change it to another colour and you don't really care if your hair gets badly damaged, dried and etc.. " - says Joey

For me, I agree with what she says and I like the way she's being outright frank and honest about what's the best for your hair. She's also patient when answering our queries on the colouring as we are concern over the post-colouring fade-off colours of the dye. 

The best part of this experience? We were told that if we were to revisit them for the same treatments, it shall be kept at the price of the voucher we bought, that is, all the Rebonding + Colouring + Treatment + Cut + Wash + Blow @SGD104.00!!

I can see myself going there when I need to re-treat my hair when it gets all grown out and frizzy again!

Have you been to Joey's salon? Or you have other better deals to share?

Leave me a comment and let me know!!



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