It's shopping time!
Sorry people, have been kinda busy for past few months with mainly work and juggling with personal life.

So busy that I took many photos, yet wasn't able to blog about them.

I do try my best to upload "one-shot-taken" videos onto my YouTube channel which are mainly mini reviews, hauls/shopping spree, recommendations and even makeup demos. Check it out here:

Before I digress and end this article without any elaboration of the post title, let's get back into topic.

This time of the year is a new school term for certain part of the world, in the case of CherryCulture, USA. Most recently they had a back to school sales of 20% off all items. I didn't managed to share that with all of you, hopefully those who wanted to try shopping at cherryculture had done so. If not, stay tuned to more sales as the festive seasons approaches towards the end of the year.

For now, they have a new brand in their site and there is a 15% discount for products of Model in Bottle.

Good chance to give it a try.

I'll be back on my mini reviews posts very soon, Cya!


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