Purchased from: Nice Cosmetics (Seletar Mall branch)
Price: SGD 14.90
Country of Origin: Korea

I was initially drawn in by the cute and colourful packaging. Bullet style shape and curvy body always attracts my attention, topping it off with vibrant colours are just too hard to miss. 

However,  having so many options out there,  just the outer appearance of products aren't enough draw to get me buy it. The real pull factors are the scent and actual color of lipstick in tube and upon application. 

The Lipsticks hold a different scent corresponding to the colour in tube which represented a Fruit... yea! The scents are all deliciously juicy fruity flavours!! 

I got mine in purple and yellow tube. Which applies into the below colors. 

They are not funky coloured Lipsticks which are WYSIWYG. The real deal is, vibrant and glossy colours as promised by colour-changing chart / item name, and not forgetting it's staying power that only requires 1 touch up (if I wanted) throughout my work day. Typically I don't touch up as I seldom wipe off the entire lip colour unless I ate something that's very greasy. Typically with your usual dap dap gentle wipe-off this product lasts as the staining effect remains. 

Texture of this range of Lipsticks are consistent. The best part of it is that it stays a long time,  moisturises, gives a shiny glossy look and taste mildly fruity as its scent!!

Pros in a Nutshell:
  • Moisturising 
  • Long-lasting colour & stain
  • Wears off and fades evenly
  • Easy removal with makeup remover/wet wipes
  • Petite cute colourful packaging
  • Smooth Application,  Minimal tugging 
  • Fruity scent 
  • Acceptable mild fruity taste (Not chemically yucky ones!)
All in all, I highly recommend this product if you are like me, into lip products that are cute on the outside and fun on the inside yet lasts a good amount of time! 

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