Step10-complete5.jpg Step10-complete8.jpg  Step10-complete3.jpg  

First of all, a quick sharing of the products used:

- Jordana Eye Primer
- Jordana Best Lash Extreme Volumizing Mascara
- 180 Eye shadow Palette from The Mimosa Garden (official site here)
- 72 Glitter Eye shadow Palette from AngelinaJoyce (I think they have closed shop.. IF you are keen to buy this palette, either checkout The Mimosa Garden / Coastal Scents)
  Jordana Primer2.jpg Jordana Primer1.jpg Jordana Best Lash Extreme Volumizing Mascara.jpg The Mimosa Garden - 180 Eyeshadow Palette.jpg 72 Glitter eye shadow palette  

- Cellio Lipstick in #18 Sweet Brown
SAM_0389.JPG Cellio Lipstick - No.18 Sweetbrown-capped.jpg    

- ZA Compact Powder
- elf Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder in Sun Kissed
elf Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder - Sunkissed-front.jpg elf Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder - Sunkissed-back.jpg   

It is not necessary to use the exact same products as listed above, just use whatever you have on-hand to match the colour tone/function. If you don't really like RED, use another colour which you prefer~ 

Let's start!

Step 1: Apply an eye primer / eye shadow base 
This will ensure that your eye makeup stay-on till you want to take it off.
Use a small amount of primer, usually you don't need alot Step2a.jpg Step2b.jpg 
Step2-right.jpg Step2-both-close.jpg Step2-both-open.jpg 
IF your eye shadow base / primer has a watery texture, wait for it to dry before going to Step 2.

Step 2: Colour your eyes - RED
Apply the red shadow on your lids, be careful not to go too high that your entire lid is covered with the eye shadow.
Step3.jpg Matte Red.jpg  
Basically, leave a minimum of approximately 1 cm of space below your brows and the eye shadow colour.
Step3a-right close.jpg Step3b-both close.jpg Step3b-both open.jpg    

Step 3: Apply a similar tone glitter on top of the 1st colour by padding it on using a flat brush.
Step4.jpg Step4a-right.jpg 
Step4a-right close.jpg
Step4b-both close.jpg        
If you are using glitter powder, wet your brush before you pick up the glitters. Or you may apply abit of eye lash glue / glitter adhesive on your lids before applying the glitters.

Note: If you are using very powdery glitters, it is best for you to apply your foundation after you are done with your eyes. 

Step 4: Create a gradient of colour
Pick a shade that is 2-3 times lighter than your 1st colour, and apply it along the edge of the base colour which is already on your lids.
Step5.jpg Step5a.jpg   
With light pressure & a sweeping motion, blend the lighter colour along the edge of the 1st shade and slightly above the edge, moving closer towards the brows.
Step5b-right.jpg Step5b-right close.jpg 
Step5b-closeUp.jpg Step5b-closed.jpg Step5b-both open.jpg    
BUT, leave at least 0.5cm of space below your brows for the next step.

Step 5: Highlighting Brow Bone
Grab some white colour or a colour that is 1-2 shade lighter than your skin tone and apply it right under your eyebrows with a fluffy brush / the same flat brush at perpendicular angle.
Step6.jpg Step6a-right.jpg 
Step6a-right open.jpg Step6a-right closed.jpg Step6-both.jpg      

Step 6: Line your eyes / Frame-up your eyes
This step is to deepen + enlarge your eyes using a black/dark eye shadow or eyeliner. If you are not comfortable with doing this, you can proceed to the next step.
Use flat angle brush / tiny brush / eye liner brush, pick up some black eye shadow(dark brown or any dark shade you prefer) and "brush" it right below and along your upper lashes, all the way from the inner corner to outer corner of your eye.
Step7-right-closeUp.jpg Step7a-right-zoomOut.jpg Step7b-both-zoomOut.jpg
Then for the lower lash line, stop at about the corner where your iris is. Alternatively, u can simply use your preferred dark shade eyeliner to frame up your eyes. 
Step 7: Beautify your Lashes
Curl your lashes and apply your favourite mascara! You may wish to apply false lashes for a more dramatic / dreamy look (depending on the type of falsies used).
Step8.jpg Step8-Eyes complete2.jpg Step8-Eye complete-closeUp.jpg Step8-Eyes complete1.jpg   
The eyes are finally done!

Step 8a: Cheeks - Contouring
As I'm on the wider side in terms of the size of my face (and physique), I will now use a bronzer (it will be better if you have a matte bronzer or contour powder) to "slim down" the looks of my face. If you don't have a  bronzer, use a darker shade face powder or even a matte brown eye/brow shadow.
Step9.jpg Step9a1.jpg Step9a2.jpg    
Contour by brushing the bronzer from my around the area top of my ears in a downward slanting curve movement towards the "hollow" below the apple of my cheeks.

Step 8b: Create a prominent Jawline - "Slimmer face"
Using the same bronzer, apply the powder from right below your ear where your jaw "ends" and brush it all the way under your chin.
Step9b1.jpg Step9b2.jpg   
The trick is to outline your jawline & chin with a darker shade to create a more prominent frame for your face and thus "slimming it down".
Step9-left.jpg Step9-front.jpg Step9-right.jpg   

Step 8c: Cheeks - Blusher
Although I skipped this step due to some unknown reason, you may wish apply blusher to the apple of your cheeks. For this look where the eye makeup is red, I suggest to use a light pink, or any light peachy or mauvey tone blush.

Step 9: Lips
Choose a peach tone or nudy pink / beige lipstick or gloss and apply it to your lips. As it is a light colour, you need not use a lip liner unless your lip colour runs easily or you want to have a more defined lips.
Cellio Lipstick - No.18 Sweetbrown.jpg Step10.jpg Step10-complete1.jpg    
The look is now complete!

You may wanna recreate this look using another colour like purple, green or blue! Hahaha.. if you prefer a more natural look, use brown and perhaps beige / gold-tone glitter shadows.

Leave a comment and let me know if this helps!

Below are more shots of the final look in beauty shot mode (camera) and auto mode + different lighting for your reference. Note: All photos are taken under artificial lighting as this was done after the sun has set.

Step10-complete7.jpg Step10-complete-eyesDown.jpg Step10-complete6.jpg Step10-complete15.jpg Step10-complete14.jpg Step10-complete13.jpg Step10-complete12.jpg Step10-complete11.jpg Step10-complete10.jpg Step10-complete9.jpg Step10-complete4.jpg Step10-complete3.jpg  Step10-complete2.jpg Step10-complete-BeautyShot2.jpg Step10-complete-BeautyShot1.jpg  

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