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I didn't really planned on getting the Silky Girl Lipsticks, as my eyes were glued to the long awaited range from Maybelline >> Color Sensational Lipsticks, that finally launched in Singapore about 2 months back.

However, the color sensational lipsticks were retailing at SGD 17.90 each, as compared to US, it is way higher. T-T

Then I noticed the Silky Girl display thats just next to it (i was at Guardian Pharmacy) and couldn't help playing around with the testers of moisture max & gloss-on lipcolors when they are only SGD 9.90 & SGD 8.90 respectively! 2 of these Silky Girl lipsticks is almost the price of 1 Maybelline sensational lipstick.. How could I resist? XD So I ended up buying 1 from each range. >.<

Let's take a look at Moisture Max lipstick.
MoistureMax-03PlumSmoothie-8.jpg MoistureMax-03PlumSmoothie-10.jpg MoistureMax-03PlumSmoothie-9.jpg  

Packaging is shiny metal casing with the bling. The colour I have is Plum Smoothie, magenta-purple-pink. It goes on smooth and has great pigmentation, last for more than half a day. It does survives lunch, leaving your lips with the tinge of colour or almost all if it if you only tap on your lips with tissue after food & drinks. Talking about moisturizing lipsticks, this is it! It does stain your lips a little. It doesn't dry my lips as the day goes by and keeps it rather smooth & soft. Whereas some other lipstips which I've tried can go on shiny and glossy looking but dries off or disappear before half a day and makes my lips dry and might even get flaky. With Moisture Max, I have no such problem. Last but not least, no strange/weird/awful taste nor scent. *Thumbs up!*

Me wearing Silky Girl Moisture Max Plum Smoothie under indoor lighting, Night time:
MoistureMax-03PlumSmoothie-6.jpg MoistureMax-03PlumSmoothie-5.jpg MoistureMax-03PlumSmoothie-4.jpg  

Swatches of Smoothie Plum on my lips & back of hand:
MoistureMax-03PlumSmoothie-7.jpg MoistureMax-03PlumSmoothie-3.jpg MoistureMax-03PlumSmoothie-2.jpg MoistureMax-03PlumSmoothie-1.jpg  

Now it's time for Gloss-on Lip colour~
Gloss-OnLipColour-4.jpg Gloss-OnLipColour-3.jpg Gloss-OnLipColour-2.jpg Gloss-OnLipColour-1.jpg  

Its a silver-grey packaging with a lid thats not very tightly closed, but luckily, does not loosen when it "dance around" in my handbag. It literally gloss-on and leaves a high shine! Very smooth and the colour I have is Cool Pink, a hot reddish fuschia pink. It is quite pigmented but does not over stain your lips. However, being so glossy, it doesnt last as long as the Moisture Max which I have. More or less about half a day at max. Due to its "shorter life span" on my lips, it does not keep my lips supple for long, need reapplications. This is the same as Moisture Max, it has no strange/weird/awful taste nor scent. *Thumbs up!*

Me wearing Silky Girl Gloss-on Lipcolour Cool Pink under indoor lighting, Night time:
Gloss-OnLipColour-9.jpg Gloss-OnLipColour-11.jpg Gloss-OnLipColour-10.jpg  

Swatches of Cool Pink on lips & back of hand:
Gloss-OnLipColour-8.jpg  Gloss-OnLipColour-6.jpg Gloss-OnLipColour-5.jpg Gloss-OnLipColour-7.jpg   

In a nutshell:

Silky Girl Moisture Max lipstick is
- Opaque
- Long lasting (avg 6-8hrs)
- Moisturizing
- Ample range of colours
- Affordable price for its quality

Silky Girl Gloss-on Lipcolour is
- Glossy shine finish, no lip gloss required
- Sheer with medium pigmentation
- Smooth texture
- Slight moisturizing
- Ample range of colours 
- Affordable price for glossy/shiny finish lip stick

Where to buy it? (Singapore)
- Watson's
- Guardian pharmacy
- OG
- John Little
- Metro
- other cosmetics chain (Venus, Beaute Spring etc..)

I hope that you find the above review informative. If you have other question about the products which I did not touch base, feel free to leave a comment here and I shall answer you to the best of my knowledge.

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