First review post for 2013!
This product has been my go-to mascara for the past 3-4 mths.

I've been loving it so much because.... (video to be added later as I am still editing it!!)

**check out my video review product application showing you how it performs**

If you weren't able to view my review clip above, I have summarised my thoughts of this mascara here:
1) False lash effect between 3 to 5 coats! It lived up to its name! You get volume + length + curl + soft fluffy = uber alluring lashes! !

2) Waterproof!! Cry and tear, accidental rubbing at the eyes is not gonna break it down.

3) Curls & holds curl!! Use it without curling your lashes, it curls them for you and holds it there till you take it off!

4) Long-wearing! No flaking off or disappearing acts till you order it around.

With all of that being said, I highly recommend this to everyone!!

Try it and tell me if you like it too!


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