I have been with Carousell, Qoo10 and Shopee (plus my BlogShop) for some time but I do find that it's hard to organise Spree via these platforms due to several reasons:

- They are shopping platforms, items put up on sale based on stock count
- They do not offer transactional safety / no payment handling
- Less flexibility for buyers to customise their request.

So i chanced upon AirFrov in an email newsletter as member of Vanitee.

This company set up a platform for those that travel, they can take up purchase requests. Those that don't can put up request to buy things in foreign lands! 

Of coz this "middle man" is a registered Singapore biz and they do earn the "middle man fees".

Therefore, if you wish to shop a spree with me on a secure platform, put up a request via AirFrov now!

FS'✩Shop invites you to join Airfrov. you get SGD 5 credit if you sign up and redeem code W4JVX https://www.airfrov.com/refer?code=W4JVX

If you have any questions, add me on LINE chat to find out more:


Happy Shopping!!!


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