Inspired by a recent inquiry for Velma Kelly makeup for D&D, and wanting to be in-sync (colour wise) with this drama character "龙幽" played by 鄭元暢Joseph Cheng in «仙剑云之凡» which was scripted based on a Chinese «仙剑奇侠传» aka Legend of Sword & Fairy / Chinese Paladin. The effects only shows on 1 side of the face, which hinted at the "true colour" of a "non-mortal/幽冥人" whose skin emits greenish silvery tones with blue tints hair, brows & lashes.

其實啊,最近有幾個彩妝服務的詢問。其中的一位想畫個歌舞劇 «Chicago» 里 Velma Kelly 的妝,可惜臨時決定不畫了。
我已經做足了功課本想大顯身手,所以索性自己動手。而且阿,最近看了元暢的«龍幽»,讓我好心動哦!所以這個妝是想像著有點戲劇性象徵的幽冥人,透過"半邊真實身份" 和顯現在"凡間"時的模樣。
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