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I have always been a frequent shopper at Daiso, be it that I buy anything or just window-shopping. Why?
Hahaha, coz they have lotsa things that surprises you!

Currently they have 7 stores in Singapore.

They sell almost everything, from snacks to cosmetics, from household tools to skincare. It's like you name it, you'll find it.
The best part of this? Always $2!

Thus far these are the items which I bought from Daiso:

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  • Silicon case for Samsung Galaxy S 
    2011-10-01 15.57.00.jpg 2011-10-01 15.56.40.jpg  
    This handphone casing is the cheapest that I managed to find locally. Best of all, quality is good, smooth and rubbery, fits well onto my phone. Its not too tight-fitting hence at times if I'm pulling it out from my bag or pocket I might accidentally pull the casing off my phone. Lucky for me is that with the handphone strap attached, it prevents the whole casing from slipping off entirely if I were to pop a corner of the phone out from the casing. Overall, I still highly reccomend this product.
    The last that I saw, the colours available were Blue and Pink (mine).
  • Toners (CoEnzyme Q10 Moisture Lotion, Rich Q10 Moisture Lotion, Adlay moisture lotion & Aloe moisture lotion), 120ml
    2011-12-07 10.24.29.jpg Daiso Coenzyme Q10 Moisture Lotion-01 Daiso Rich Q10 Moisture Lotion-01    
    The cheapest toner that I've ever laid my hands on! Initially I was quite hesitant to try it out, afterall, it is only $2.. how good can it be? Well, after using it for such a long time (quite some months), I will say that it might not be as moisturizing as other toners that you get from Watson's / Guardian / Department store, but if you just want to have a toner to moisten your skin alittle before you use your serum / essence / moisturizer, this is good enough. I always have problems delaying frequency of my toner running-out before I deplete my serum/essence/moisturizer. With Daiso toners being so cheap and affordable, I think anyone can afford a proper 3-step skin care routine without burning their pockets too much on this step. FYI - some of the toners in Daiso are actually MADE IN JAPAN!! Can you believe it? It is still selling at only SGD2.00~
  • Marine Lotion A, 80ml
    2011-12-07 10.25.44.jpg   2011-12-07 10.26.11.jpg  
    I did not buy this right on the spot when I first saw it. In fact, it was after I tried the toners which gave me confidence in Daiso skincare & cosmetics did I picked this up and gave it a go. This is perhaps something like a "serum/essence" as I only need a pump or 2 to have it spread all over my face. It does absorbs into the skin pretty fast and kinda make the skin feels supple. Once it is all absorbed, it does not feel sticky not leave any thin "film" behind. I would say it is something that I love to have underneath my BB Cream or foundation to prevent my skin from getting dry. I will reccomend this product as you can see I am almost done with this bottle. The next thing which I'm gonna try will be the one with Royal Jelly essence/lotion.
  • Deep H Moisture Gel - Hyaluronic Acid, 40gm
    2011-12-07 10.27.01.jpg 2011-12-07 10.26.42.jpg   
    After all the hype caused by Hada Labo, which to me is a great product but alittle on the "expensive" side. Hence when I chanced upon this little tub of Hyaluronic Acid >> Deep H Moisture Gel, I couldn't resist the urge to try it! This, as compared to the Marine Lotion A, is much more moisturizing and hydrating! Just a little scoop of it, perhaps about the size of a 1cent coin and it is more than enough for my whole face. It gets absorbed real fast but kinda leaves a thin film of "protective layer" on the skin.. this is what I felt. This layer does not feel sticky, just makes me feel as though it is still moist, but it does help you to adhere your powder form foundation very well. Again, this is another product that I HIGHLY Recommend if you are looking for an alternative to Hada Labo's famous lotion. 
  • Deep C Moisture Gel - Collagen, 40gm
    Daiso Deep C Moisture Gel-Collagen-01  
    Similar to its sister product above, apart from providing you with the moisture, it enhances your skin's structure to get it firmer!
    If you've tried the Deep H moisture gel and love it, you gotta try this!
  • Smooth Base, 15gm
    2011-12-07 10.27.53.jpg 2011-12-07 10.28.20.jpg   
    I have not used this as much as the rest of the other beauty products from Daiso. However, thus far it does help powder foundation to adhere better, but I don't really notice if it helps to conceal pores as what it says it is suppose to do. I shall update more about this product at a later date after I use it continously for at least a week or two.
  • VS Dry Moist Base SPF 27 PA+++, 30gm
    2011-12-07 10.28.50.jpg 2011-12-07 10.28.39.jpg   
    I can't really recall why I got this in the first place.. but at least this has been used many times as a sunscreen for my face, arms and body. I think it does work as what it declares coz when I uses it I do notice that I didn't get as easily tanned as when I am not. What I like about this is that it is not sticky like most other suncreen or sun block, and I can use it for my face too. 
  • Interdental brush w/cap x 5pcs, 1.0mm diameter
    2011-12-07 10.29.15.jpg   
    I bought this not because I needed to clean my teeth, but more so to try out Wayne's reccomendation to use these in replacement of the normal mascaras when applying mascara on lower lashes. I have yet to try but my sister has given it a shot and she says it does apply better as the bristles are smaller, but it takes more time coz you'll have to transfer the mascara over to these small brushes first. 
  • Eyebrow auto-pencil in Black
    2011-12-07 10.30.31.jpg 2011-12-07 10.29.55.jpg 2011-12-07 10.29.30.jpg   
    This is one of the first batch of makeup items which I bought from Daiso and initially as I knew nothing about drawing one's brows and I just couldn't use it right, turned myself pretty ugly with this. Then, as I viewed more tutorials on YouTube, I gave it another try. It turned out to be the perfect shade for my brows. It is suppose to be in Black, but as shown in my swatch above, it is more towards dark greyish tone and not as opaque. Hence it blends in quite naturally with my own brows. Nowadays I keep using this together with elf Eyebrows Treat and Tame in Dark and have been loving it since then.
  • False Lashes, assorted and various designs
    2011-01-04 01.18.16.jpg 2011-01-04 01.12.13.jpg 2011-01-04 01.11.30.jpg 2011-01-04 00.59.02.jpg 2011-01-04 00.58.46.jpg 2011-01-04 00.54.44.jpg 2011-01-04 00.54.26.jpg 2011-01-04 00.54.07.jpg 2011-01-04 00.51.53.jpg   
    These false lashes makes me fall in love with Daiso deeply. They are really cheap! Yet great quality vs price! These are like $2 for 2 pairs! I can reuse them up to 5 times if I take care of them when I remove them. For those who are just starting out to use false lashes, you really ought to give this a try. But do consider getting other lash glue like DUO or Starlash etc. HIGHLY Recommended products!
  • Instant Strong Glue-min x 3pcs, 1gm each
    2011-12-07 10.30.56.jpg   
    Comes in pack of 3pcs, I have used 1 of it already and it does help to glue my powder powder brush back to its fernel. There are other options of bigger tubes of superglue but then think when I think about it, I don't need that much and if I buy such a big tube, the rest that I didn't get to use as fast will dry up soon. I prefer having it in 3 mini packs. Thumbs up for this convenient  and thoughtful pack! 
  • Hair Fragrance in Sweet Berry, 28ml
    2011-12-07 10.33.27.jpg   
    I've tried this product and the scent is simply refreshing and sweet! Does help to tone down my after-perspiration scent or when it's the 2nd-day-hair~
  • Acessory case w/clear cover 8 & 15 spaces, 14x8x2.2cm
    2011-12-07 10.23.31.jpg 2011-12-07 10.23.11.jpg   
    I love this little case!! Thats why I got another one most recently. The first one which I've gotten has 15 spaces which I have mostly used to keep my studded earrings organized. But as I uses it, I started to put in my shorter necklaces into the casing too. After much thoughts, I decided that I shall get a separate one for the necklaces and perhaps my bracelets too! 
  • Loose Powder (Glittery/Shiny)  
    2011-12-07 13.32.16.jpg 2011-12-07 13.32.43.jpg 2011-12-07 13.33.07.jpg 2011-12-07 13.33.34.jpg 2011-12-07 13.33.57.jpg
    This is an amazingly glittery / shiny / bling bling loose powder~!! Intially from the packaging you wont be able to see its glitters. Once you get it opened up you'll get the shock of your life! XD Despite the generous amount of glitters it has, its normal loose powder particles are very fine. I have applied it on my face before, very shiny, but not too bad under normal daylight. Under artifically lit environment it will be very prominent though. Hence I will suggest to use this as body glitter, it works superbly well on my shoulders, chest and arms!   
  • Loose Powder (Normal)
    2011-12-07 13.34.13.jpg 2011-12-07 13.34.37.jpg
    =.= I have yet used this as there was another loose powder that I am using. But judging on the fact that the powder particles seem to be very fine, shouldn't be too bad. I shall post a review on this item separately once I get my hands on it.  
  • GP AA Batteries x 4pcs/pkt
    2011-12-07 10.22.41.jpg  
    ^o^ After my Olympus camera which cost me >$400 died on me after its warranty expired, I decided that I shall go back to my all-time-favourite brand >> SAMSUNG! So I got an inexpensive Samsung ES17 digital camera from GIANT Hypermart. The main reasons that made me chose this camera was its price + free gifts + brand + battery! I hated to always have to charge the lithium batteries that can only be used for a specific brand/model camera. For Samsung ES17, I just need to get my AA batteries! In Daiso it is only $2!! If I wish for my camera to have a longer life span, I'll just get Energizer Platinum. 

    PS: My Samsung ES17 camera had once dropped from the height of 2nd Storey and still able to function till date. I simply love the quality this brand produces, can't stop promoting SAMSUNG Products are the best!
  • Super Alkaline AA and AAA Batteries x 6pcs/pkt
    Daiso Alkaline Super Battery-AA-01 Daiso Alkaline Super Battery-AAA-6pcs 
    These batteries are as good as the normal GP/Sony/Panasonic batteries that you'll get. I used the AA batteries on my camera, and also AAA for the neck massager, the power lasted for the same duration as when I use normal brand batteries. Depending on the brand that you buy, when compared to some, SGD2.00 for 6 pieces is a good deal!
  • Translucent Organizing Racks & Trays
    Daiso A4 Half Size Tray & Sukkiri Tray-Translucent-09 Daiso A4 Half Size Tray & Sukkiri Tray-Translucent-05 Daiso A4 Half Size Tray & Sukkiri Tray-Translucent-03 Daiso A4 Half Size Tray & Sukkiri Tray-Translucent-01
    Apart from accessories cases (there are many several cases available now!!), Daiso sells Trays and Racks such as these you see above. These comes in opague colours like white, black, blue, green, pink, yellow and more! They also come in various sizes and styles. For me, I had chosen the translucent racks + white trays to make them into little storage "drawers" for my lip sticks and glosses! These are half of the width of A4 size racks, fits in nicely to my makeup and skincare storage area. There's a total of 5 pieces (aka SGD10) to make it into a 3-tier drawer set for my lippies and glosses. Although it might seem to be a little on the expensive side, but I think that it's made of good quality plastic (all made in JAPAN again~) that tolerates high temperature and cold temperatures. It can protect my makeup items well without getting itself melted/cracked if the environmental temperatures swings.
  • Training Glasses Slim Type
    Daiso Training Glasses-Slim Type-02  
    These are really interesting! Initially I bought this for the fun of it thinking that it might not be as good as those training glasses that's selling in Watsons/Guardian. Guess what? It DOES WORK!! Upon wearing these, under brightly-lit enviroment, it does allow me to watch TV from a good distance without feeling strain on my eyes or having my vision blurred due to my myopia. My short-sightedness is not too serious, around 100 for each eyes. My friend Melisa bought it too and when she tried it, it has the same effect. I know for sure that Mer mer has a high degree for myopia and yet it still functions on her eyes. Good for a try if you wana save some cost yet train your eyes to see clearer. NOTE: MUST follow instruction on when and where to wear it. I disobeyed the instructions once and got myself rather giddy after wearing it for the wrong situation. 
  • Stereo Earphones with Retractable Cable Ear Canal
    Daiso Stereo Earphone wRetractable Cable-Ear Canal Type-70cm-04 Daiso Stereo Earphone wRetractable Cable-Ear Canal Type-70cm-01 
    These are definitely GOOD! For SGD2.00 only, the sound quality that these ear phones are capable of, surprises me! It fits comfortably into my ears like regular "branded" ear phones, does not strain my ears nor feels loose. I love the fact that the cables are retractable and makes it easier to bring it around by simply dumping it into your bag, tuck it into your pocket or whatever carrier that you prefer. The cable is well protected from damaged as it is kept coiled up in the case. The only complain that I have is that I have is that the cable is too short for me, especially when I wana keep my handphone or mp3 player into my bag or pants/skirt pocket, the cable is not long enough.. maybe I have a longer body.. but still, it could be made with a longer cable length and it shall be PERFECT!
  • Detergent For Women - Feminine Stain Removal, 80ml
    Daiso Detergent For Women-Feminine Stain Removal-01 
    HIGHLY RECOMMENDS this to any ladies out there! This is by far the best stain remover that I could find and yet very little amount required + cost me only SGD2.00!!! To use it, drip a drop or two of this detergent onto the stain, hold a rug/rag/tissue underneath the stained material directly under the stain. Let the detergent seep through the stained area, and you will see the stain magically dissolve/disappear infront of your eyes. =) Well, if the stain has been dried / washed and dried prior to using this detergent, you will have to moisten the stained area with water, then apply little drops of the detergent to the stain area, and gently rub the detergent into and through the fibres of your material. NOTE: This is really strong and those with sensitive skin might wish to wear gloves while using it. Also, to check the information if certain cloth material are not suitable for use with this detergent else your clothing might be damaged.
  • Cleaner for Carpet - Sticky Roller
    Daiso Cleaner For Carpet-Sticky Roller-01 Daiso Cleaner For Carpet-Sticky Roller-05 Daiso Cleaner For Carpet-Sticky Roller-06 
    This was recommended by my friend Lena and her daughter Joanna. Joanna uses this to remove unwanted hair, dust, dirt and tiny scraps of paper and stuff that's scattered around in her room. She shared that this makes it faster for clean-ups and for days where sweeping seems too daunting I think... anyway, upon trying it, I LOVE IT!! so much faster for getting rid of dust, tiny speckles of dirt or whatever that's lying around on the floor. This supposingly could be used on carpets for quick cleaning without the vacuum too! Check out the **WARNING** gross picture of how much dirt and hair that the sticky roller could pick up before getting too "saturated".
    Daiso Cleaner For Carpet-Sticky Roller-Product Demo  
  • Gloves & Knitted-wear / Scarves etc..
    Daiso Haul-APR2012-01
    Last but not least, I've also gotten some gloves, shawl, scarves and even socks and stockings from Daiso too! All for only SGD2.00 each! The material is comparable to what you get from normal accessories stores or clothing / fashion outlets yet it has quite a good selection of designs and sizes too! I will need some time to gather the pictures of these items and get it uploaded before I update this post again.


Alright~! Finally I'm done with my first product review / recommendation post! I hope that the information shared above is helpful and if I have missed out anything, please feel free to leave a comment / message on the questions which you have and I'll be glad to share with you if I have the answers ready.


Thank you for dropping by and I hope that you'll be returning now and then to check out my updates on other products and recommendations!


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  • Anon98
  • Which outlet did you buy the hair fragrance from? And from which section? I just can't seem to find it >< I've been wanting it for quite a while now..
  • Ooh~~ The hair fragrance might really be Out of stock already.. I bought mine at VivoCity Daiso.
    If not wrong I think there are other hair products in Daiso, haven't really check out hair fragrances for quite awhile. If I do see them will leave you a reply again.

    FS.Rain | 芳 於 2013/11/22 02:32 回覆

  • Anon98
  • Oh, and is it still available now? sorry for asking these qns. your help is very much appreciated, THank you!!^^
  • Hi Anon98,
    no prob, ask as many questions as you like, it is more of a matter if I can answer all your questions you know?

    Oso, sorry that I might not be that spontaneous in my replies as nowadays work kills my Daily Brain.. hahaha
    If really really need to hear from me fast, try to message me on Twitter/Google+/YouTube.

    Thanks for popping by!!


    FS.Rain | 芳 於 2013/11/22 02:34 回覆

  • Anon98
  • Oh, I see... It's so regretful >< I was looking for the hair fragrance from ion to dhoby ghaut then to vivocity. I really wanted them so much...i really appreciate your offer/help to inform me if you do see them again. Thank you very much ^^ God bless
  • No problem~ Good things are meant to be shared, glad that I found people who are interested to try Daiso stuff out.
    If you really wanted it, you could try to email them or via the staff, request for the items you like and really want to try,
    Not too sure how all the staff feedback, but I like to think that Daiso management is quite sharp on picking up consumer trends.

    FS.Rain | 芳 於 2014/01/04 11:52 回覆

  • Dayna
  • Hi, between the deep c moisture gel collagen and the deep h moisture gel hyaluronic acid ,which is better?
  • Hi Dayna

    Personally I prefer the deep H, but now as my skin gets dryer on the neck (aging already~~ =.=), I like to use the deep C on my neck, and deep H on the face,
    Just remember, Hyaluronic acid helps to hydrate + lock in the moisture. collagen helps you to firm up your skin.

    FS.Rain | 芳 於 2014/01/04 11:53 回覆

  • jas
  • hi, how will i know if the product like coenzyme Q10 moisture lotion toner if expired, there's no expiration date written in the product.
  • hi jas
    there should be a sticker indicating import details and mfg (manufacture) date or use by/expiry date. If there isn't any such label, it should be printed on the container. If you still want to use it w/o knowledge of its expiry as product does not have sour/mouldy/weird scent, do a skin test by applying a tiny bit of the product on the area behind your ear or the crook of your arm. if no sensitive reaction in the next hour, u can then proceed to use it. let me know if you have other questions.

    FS.Rain | 芳 於 2014/12/31 14:40 回覆