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I have been with Carousell, Qoo10 and Shopee (plus my BlogShop) for some time but I do find that it's hard to organise Spree via these platforms due to several reasons:

- They are shopping platforms, items put up on sale based on stock count
- They do not offer transactional safety / no payment handling
- Less flexibility for buyers to customise their request.

So i chanced upon AirFrov in an email newsletter as member of Vanitee.

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[Sponsored Post]

I came across Althea's site around early March this year.. but haven't really wanted to try shopping with them yet as I didn't really heard much about them from people around me.

When I decided to have a trip to seoul, while researching on itinerary, I came across their site again. This time, I saw a call out for bloggers to take part in a shopping experience with Althea. I applied and was really honoured to be given a chance to shop with them. I have 50 credits to spend (equivalent to S$50) and due to may hectic work schedule I didn't get to shop on their site till I was in Korea!

As ironic as it might seems to be, I shopped on Althea while I was in Seoul, using my Galaxy Note 4. Well... it happens that I tried to find some interesting brands while in Myeong Dong and Hongik University area but didn't managed to find any less-heard of brands nor the trendy or crazed phenomenally-hyped items there... I might have been too relaxed n engrossed with food hunt with my family. .. Anyways, I was really glad that I found these items on Althea site, which I doubt that I'll be able to scout for them during my trip in Seoul. 


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FS.Rain's Shop, blogshop, carousell shop
FS'☆Shöp is opened!!!
Come shop with me now at
☆芳.夏薾颸▪网购站☆ 开幕啦!! 请浏览一下网页:

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Essence twin pack mascara on sale

Hello peple~~

It's a great bargain that you shouldn't miss!

essence cosmetics is having the twin pack promotion for the following mascaras at SGD4.90/pack!

Pack 1 - essence get BIG! LASHES volume BOOST mascara (Black tube) + essence get BIG! LASHES triple BLACK mascara (Purple tube)

Pack 2 - essence get BIG! LASHES volume BOOST waterproof mascara (Blue tube) + essence get BIG! LASHES triple BLACK mascara (Purple tube)


Visit all the watsons store listed below to get yours now!! It's a limited time promotion and may be taken down from display very soon.


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CherryCulture Facebook HITS 30K sales!

Check out CherryCulture now!!

Usually when it's at 20% off everything it is a really good deal!

Happy Shopping people~




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Hey people!

If you haven't already noticed that Cherry Culture now carries China Glaze polishes, you could have at least been informed right now!

Especially so where there is a 15% off on all China Glaze products on Cherry Culture from now till 26 October 2012!

Hurry up & check it out!

Happy shopping~



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Hey People!!

If you've missed their back-to-school sales, now it's back for Labor Day!!

20% discount for EVERYTHING IN STORE!!

This is the best time to check out CherryCulture as the discount will ease a little off your pocket if your shipping fees are gonna be for international shipment!

I think I saw Palladio on site, gonna be surfing through too!!

Let me know if you are keen to try!

Happy Shopping!!




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It's shopping time!
Sorry people, have been kinda busy for past few months with mainly work and juggling with personal life.

So busy that I took many photos, yet wasn't able to blog about them.

I do try my best to upload "one-shot-taken" videos onto my YouTube channel which are mainly mini reviews, hauls/shopping spree, recommendations and even makeup demos. Check it out here:

Before I digress and end this article without any elaboration of the post title, let's get back into topic.

This time of the year is a new school term for certain part of the world, in the case of CherryCulture, USA. Most recently they had a back to school sales of 20% off all items. I didn't managed to share that with all of you, hopefully those who wanted to try shopping at cherryculture had done so. If not, stay tuned to more sales as the festive seasons approaches towards the end of the year.

For now, they have a new brand in their site and there is a 15% discount for products of Model in Bottle.

Good chance to give it a try.

I'll be back on my mini reviews posts very soon, Cya!

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I'm so excited about this find that I can't wait to share with all of you!!

I've long been eye-ing for such a camera with dual LCD screen, especially since some months ago, another model under Samsung was having sales in Gmarket (back then new brand name Qoo10 was yet born). Then most recently one of my colleagues brough along her camera which has that same front LCD on her Samsung camera and I really couldn't get my eyes off it.. "why?" you might ask.. coz it was such a cute yet "bling and sleek" camera with soft rounded edges instead of the standard squarish shells of most camera (including the other model which I saw on Gmarket before this).

Samsung PL121

My colleague told me that she saw the same model on sales in COURTS at SGD299/- and comes with tons of accessories. Indeed, I saw this yesterday in LOT1 COURTS selling at SGD299/- but it was an older version >> PL120, having Hot Pink, Purple and Black colour options.

Having played the camera and tested its functions out, I was SUPER SUPER tempted to simply buy it on the spot!!! Luckily, my guy was around, and somehow as always with him around I tend to think twice about my purchases. So I decided to put a hold to my purchase decisions.

Today, when I logged into Qoo10|Gmarket to check on my recently posted review on the Skin79 Gold VIP Super+ BB Cream which I sourced for my sister, and sort of couldn't resist the urge to research for a better price for the Samsung dual LCD screen camera.

That's when I came upon the one above! It's selling at SGD189/- only!!! Inclusive of Delivery with Tracking options!! (not all accessories as compared to what COURTS offer though) 

Samsung P121 Specs    


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Hee hee.. I succumbed to temptations and shopped for cosmetics at Daiso!

The other day when I popped in at Plaza Singapura Shopping Centre, I made a stop in Daiso and saw many new cosmetics and skincare items!

Its a weekday, little people, everything was neat and tidy. I was thrilled and excited when I saw all these!
Daiso PS Cosmetics Display-2012-07-04-06 Daiso PS Cosmetics Display-2012-07-04-05 Daiso PS Cosmetics Display-2012-07-04-04 Daiso PS Cosmetics Display-2012-07-04-03 Daiso PS Cosmetics Display-2012-07-04-02 Daiso PS Cosmetics Display-2012-07-04-01 Daiso PS Cosmetics Display-2012-07-04-07  

Sadly, its near closing time, so I thought these could wait. Honestly, I wasn't in need of nakeup.. But this fact didn't stop me from wanting to try the new finds..


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Sales is here again at CherryCulture!

Follow the link and start shopping and save up from the discount for the shipping fees that you might incurr.

It's the first time I've encountered their clearance sale, I'm contemplating to make some purchase.

Let me know if anyone of you in Singapore wanna have a spree organised!

Sales ending on 26 July 2012!

Happy shopping~


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cherry culture sale

Yes! Your eyes didn't fool you, its SALE TIME @CherryCulture again!

They are now having Summer Sales with 20% off all items upon use of code GRS12 before checkout.

Start shopping now!





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Cherry Culture is having a 25% discount for all L.A. COLORS items from now till 20 Jun 2012.

It is during such sales event that I pick up items from Cherry Culture to save on my purchases. Try it too! Their website URL can be found on the links listed in my right-menu bar.

我曾光顾并强力推荐的彩妆网购站Cherry Culture正在举行促销。凡购买L.A. COLORS的产品一律享有25%折扣。

我通常都会利用此类促销省下一些邮寄费用。你也不妨试一试。这个购物网站专卖美国国内的一些热门的彩妆品牌及的商品。从开价式至专柜的品牌,有各式的选择供参考。该站网址列于右边的"Online Shopping" 连接处可循。若有任何疑问不妨在文末留言。

FS.Rain | 芳.夏爾颸

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50% off $10 Voucher for La Diamonte Make-Up Products (Specially for La Diamonte Events) | DEAL.com.sg - Best Deals in Singapore

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It's sales again!! This time, all items listed on their website is going for 20% discount!
Even those items which already has a slashed/discounted price in red is gonna be getting an additional 20% off!

Best time to try out the cosmetics carried by CherryCulture!




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2012 NYX Annual Mega Sale 40% off    

NYX cosmetics fans and all who wish to try NYX out!

Check out www.cherryculture.com now and get your NYX items with 40% off!!
Valid from now till 6 May 2012. 

Definitely worth to check it out as they provide international shipping with various options. With the 40% off it definitely helps to buffer out alittle on your shipment fees.

I will be placing some orders, if you wish to join me, drop me a message.

FYI - I'm based in Singapore.

Happy Shopping~!



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Cherry Culture Spring Eyeshadow Sale!


Hey people~

As the advert banner says, it's Sales Time!!

Grab your eye shadows now at 25% discount!!

Great time to try them out.

For more info about my first purchase, check out my earlier post here.




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Hey everyone!!

I'm sure for those who check out my articles and my Social Networking Sites are aware that I am usually hyper when it comes to fleas/sprees and events organized by Smoochiezz!

They are by far the most customer oriented in terms of service, product quality and variety of products offered!

There was once when I got an elf essential lipstick during one of their flea event and I only found out after I reached home that the lipstick was broken inside, they gave me a refund the next day when I went down! Same for my friend's NYX Lipstick which I bought on her behalf. It was looking yucky and melted out after we opened in the office. I am giving them 10/10 for customer service and service recovery!!

So here I wish to share with you their April to July Events which I have taken from their site here:

For more information and to receive all updates of their events, like them on their facebook or follow them on twitter.
You might also wana check them out on Gmarket as some products like OPI, China Glaze, Essie, NYX, MAC, Coastal Scents could be on Sale there! 

Alternatively, visit them at:

Smoochiezz Warehouse


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2012-03-28-Watsons Shopping  


Yet another sales event with a handful of brands running buy 2 get 1 free and several other having 24+5% discount.

FYI - 24 + 5% off means its 24% off your item, then the nett - 5%. Not an upfront 29%.. So compared to the most recent Passion card member event which has straight 29%, this may not be as attractive. But several items has a much reduced price which is around 40%-70% discount.

Anyway, here's what I've gotten:

1) Meiji ChocoBaby (Large bottle) @ SGD4.90 x 2pcs

2) Playboy Body Spray for Men Buy-1-Get-1-Free (for my bro) @ SGD6.50


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2012-03-16-Watsons Shopping  

Hi everyone~

It's another itchy-hand day!
Couldn't resist the shopping itch and went down to Takashimaya Watsons' again. 
Lucky me, theres is a store-wide 7% discount, better than nothing. 

Here's what I've gotten:

1) essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil, #13 Remember Amber
Net Wt. 0.01 Oz / 0.28g @ SGD3.06 (Originally SGD3.30 )


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