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Catrice All Round Mascara 1  Catrice All Round Mascara 2  

Hi Everyone!!!

It's been a long time since I done up a review.

For today, it's gonna be a review for a drugstore mascara which I have tried for the last 1-2 weeks and really loving.
We are gonna talk about CATRICE Cosmetics All Round Mascara in Ultra Black.

Before I go on and on, you might be keen to watch the video review and also application on my lower lashes here:

Before I share my thoughts with you, here are some close-up shots of the mascara applied on my lashes. I did only 1 coat of the mascara on both eyes, upper and lower lashes. No curling of lashes prior to application.

Catrice All Round Mascara Close-up 1  Catrice All Round Mascara Close-up 2

Some information on the products below:


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Hi there~

We are gonna have a quick look at this popular mascara by Maybelline under the VolumExpress series - The Magnum waterproof mascara

I have done a video review earlier, you might wish to check it out:

The Magnum in a nutshell:
- Waterproof
- Deep and rich black colour mascara
- Thickens and volumize lashes into a doll-like-lashes effect
- Does not get clumpy even when re-applied after initial application has dried


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HolikaHolika-Jewel-Light Waterproof Eyeliner-05 HolikaHolika-Unboxing-07   
Hi Everyone

It's been a really long time since I posted anything up here!! =.=
I have been quite troubled in my personal life dealing with work, part-time studies and relationship... Anyway, this is gonna be a review for a batch of eyeliners which I have been using for quite a while.
That is, the Holika Holika Jewel-light Waterproof Eyeliner!!

You may wish to check out the video below for my review + live swatch & having it worn:

Alternatively, just continue reading!

I have a total of 6 shades from this range and they are:


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First review post for 2013!
This product has been my go-to mascara for the past 3-4 mths.

I've been loving it so much because.... (video to be added later as I am still editing it!!)

**check out my video review product application showing you how it performs**

If you weren't able to view my review clip above, I have summarised my thoughts of this mascara here:


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Hi there!!

Happy New Year!!

Hope that all of you had a wonderful 2012 and shall definitely gonna have an even better 2013!

To kick start this year for my blog, I've decided to share a mini review for a product from my Favourite outlet >> Daiso.

As the title already indicated, these are my little thoughts about the Daiso Makeup Remover Wipes as shown in Pink packaging.

So let's just get to the point:
- 32 sheets @SGD2.00 only!!!
- 150 × 200cm is not too small and just slightly smaller than the other makeup remover wipes in market. In fact, I like it being this size as it is very travel-friendly, also fits nicely into a typical handbag.

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Hi Everyone~

It's time for mini review!!

I know I know, I've not finish updating my 2012 Taiwan Trip posts... and now I'm diverting to new mini reviews...

But then again, those gonna take some time which I don't have enough during normal days after work and with not so many weekends in a week..

Anyway, let's just give me a little break and get into some makeup fun!

Actually, this post, or this up-coming series of mini reviews for Essence Cosmetics Products which I own is motivated by the "5 Days of Giving" event organized by Essence SG.

Check out the video below for my mini review:


Close-up shots of the makeup worn:

Essence Mini Review Day 1-Full Face-02 Essence Mini Review Day 1-Full Face-06 Essence Mini Review Day 1-Full Face-05 Essence Mini Review Day 1-Lips-01 Essence Mini Review Day 1-Full Face-07 Essence Mini Review Day 1-Eyes-06 Essence Mini Review Day 1-Eyes-04 Essence Mini Review Day 1-Eyes-03 Essence Mini Review Day 1-Eyes-02   


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Hi Everyone!

If you've heard of, tried it before, seen my review & swatches posts on SilkyGirl's lipsticks previously, you might be interested in these recently released lipsticks!!
SilkyGirl Moisture Smooth & MoistureShine LipColour-03   

As I've had gotten quite a few of their previous range lipsticks and just kind of curious of this 2 new range, I've gotten 1 from each range to try them out.

Let's start with some pictures and swatches for:

SILKYGIRL Moisture Smooth LipColour in #13 Light Blossom
SilkyGirl Moisture Smooth LipColour-13 Light Blossom-01 
SilkyGirl Moisture Smooth LipColour-13 Light Blossom-02
SilkyGirl Moisture Smooth LipColour-13 Light Blossom-05


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Hi everyone!

I've finally decided to try use my Jordana Lipstick in Fiesta (LS-022) which looks like deep purple-ish shade.

As i've never even swatched it at all, am surprised that the colour upom application is more of a deep Burgundy-Purple-Red.
The colour resembles Revlon Lip Butter in Lolipop.

It has a pleasantly light and freshly sweet scent which i really like!
Texture seems thick and needs a bit of warmth to soften it a bit more before it slides like a cream.

The colour is intense but not as purple as i thought it would be.


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SilkyGirl-Lash Prism Waterproof Mascara-01 Blackest Black-01  

Hey everyone!

It's been awhile since my last mini review for a mascara in my makeup stash. Quite a few are already getting dry, it's gonna be dumped out soon..

Anyway, today's spotlight shall be casting over the 1st mascara which I've bought from SilkyGirl, Lash Prism Waterproof Mascara in #01 Blackest Black.

My thoughts:
SilkyGirl-Lash Prism Waterproof Mascara-01 Blackest Black-02 SilkyGirl-Lash Prism Waterproof Mascara-01 Blackest Black-03 
- Simple & sleek packaging
- Has a slim and "waisted" traditional bristles (reminds me of NYX Doll Eye Mascara)
- Super intense black
- Initially extremely wet formular, now dry down to something creamy yet not clumpy texture


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Hi everyone!

You won't believe how many times I've been rewriting this post on my mobile app! At least 4 times! Somehow something went wrong with me & I kept pressing back button before saving the chunks of info typed... All is gone.. The mobile app does not have "ctrl-Z". TT-TT

Anyway... this mini review, its gonna be a quick sharing of my thoughts and availability on all the products which I have (& Tried) from NYX!

Where to buy?

A) Online Websites with Shipping options
:: International ::
- CherryCulture
- NonPareil Boutique
- PorkDaisy


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Bourjois-Glitter Eyeliner Pencil-Blue-02


Time for another quick review of an old trusty eyeliner that i've owned for sometime and I should be throwing it away soon.. But never end up doing so as the liner always seems to be still usable after getting sharpened.

Bourjois-Glitter Eyeliner Pencil-Blue-01    
So here it is! My thoughts on the Bourjois Glitter Eye liner pencil in Blue:
- Soft & smooth, glides on the lids easily without much tugging
- Good pigmentation, glitters are visible after drawing eye lines


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Being out on a super hot day for a full day of fun and activities, I bet no one wants to have their makeup melting on them.

That being said, I have to share with you this uber cheap and affordable face palette from AmuSe which I got from CherryCulture sometime back.

A Penny For Your Thoughts:
- Retails @ USD 1.50 (excl. Shipping)
- Very small and flat design, uber compact packaging slips easily into handbag / pockets
- Good variety of 6 eye shadow colours: Gold,Medium Blue,Frosty Pearl, Lime Green,Cherry Pink, Orange


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2012-07-30 11.45.44 2012-07-30 11.46.00 2012-07-30 11.46.11

Hi eveyone!

This is gonna be a super quick review of a Daiso skincare product that i've been using fir awhile - Komenuka Cleansing Foam (a.k.a. Rice Bran Facial Foam)

Here's my 2 cents worth:
- Cheap! Only SGD2.00 for 120grams of product
- Not drying to the skin after wash, no "tighten" feeling after wash
- Cleanses effectively removing all that shine but not stripping my face of moisture
- A little bit is sufficient to foam up for the whole face
- Made in Japan!



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elf Studio SPF45 Sunscreen UVA UVB Protection-1 elf Studio SPF45 Sunscreen UVA UVB Protection-box1
elf Studio SPF45 Sunscreen UVA UVB Protection-box2-back elf Studio SPF45 Sunscreen UVA UVB Protection-2  

Hi everyone!

It's a super Sunny hot day!
Usually on days with such lively sunshine, sun protection is a must.

As I'm going out for a short while, not much time to really doll-up, I will opt for the e.l.f. Studio SPF 45 Sunscreen UVA/UVB Protection Powder!

Here are my thoughts on this product:
- High SPF 45 with UVA/UVB (same as PA+++)
- Nude Powder form, makes application so much easier than traditional face n body sunscreen as you only need to puff pad it on


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- Daiso Smooth Base
- Jordana Liquid Foundation, #10 Buff
- essence Sun Club Brunettes.Darker Skin Matte Bronzing Powder, #02 Sunny
- elf Studio Translucent Matifying Poweder
- Daiso Cheek & Hi-Light Powder (blush & highlight)

- elf Studio Eye brow Treat and Tame, Dark



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SilkyGirl-Mascara-LashCurler-01 SilkyGirl-Mascara-LashCurler-03  


Finally I found a chance to do a mini review while transiting.

Today i'm gonna share my thoughts on the SilkyGirl The Lash Curler Waterproof Film Mascara.

My sharing point:
- Simple and plain packaging


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TheFaceShop-Shimmer Liner Pencil-Black-03 

TheFaceShop-Shimmer Liner Pencil-Black-01 TheFaceShop-Shimmer Liner Pencil-Black-02   

Hey peeps~

Its been a long time since I open this pixnet mobile app to post my mini review..

Juggling work and the other happenings in life sure is a challenge! I salute the other bloggers who are doing a fantastic job with their blogs yet balanced out their life pretty well.

Ok, the item in spotlight today is one of my older makeup items purchased around end of 2009 or early 2010, about to expire soon, but lucky for me, pencils last longer!!


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SilkyGirl-HD Gel Eyeliner Pen-01Intense Black-01  

SilkyGirl-HD Gel Eyeliner Pen-01Intense Black-02  

This particular liner has definitely been put to test by my super teary eyes, and in a hot and humid country like Singapore.

Without further blabblering, let's get into my review notes below:
- Auto Liner Pencil, saves you from having to sharpen it.
- Intense pigmentation, Super Black!
- Soft and apply smoothly on lash lines and waterline without tug & pain
- Waterproof!! (after it dries)
- No smudging on waterlines!


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I was using the essence I LOVE <3 ROCK Gloss Eye Pencil for some time.
So now, I'm confident to share my thoughts and observations with you:

essence-ILoveROCK-GlossEyePencil5-Swatched Eyeliners-Essence Black & AmuSe Gold-Swatch  
- Super soft, applies smoothly without much tugging on the delicate area around the eyes
- Glossy & Wet finish
- Very intensely dark black, great pigmentation!
- Easily smudged if not set to dry or set with eye shadow; Great for a base or to create smokey look
- Not water resistant, gets slightly smudgy before it sets and might darken eye areas at the end of the day for teary eyes


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Today's mini review goes to my current fave & in-use BB Cteam!

Prior to this I was using the Skin79 Diamond Absolute Total BB Cream SPF37 PA+++

A separate review will be up for Absolute total, which I really enjoyed tremendously and will consider repurchasing.

Now, let's talk about this very popular Skin79 Hot Pink Super+ BB cream:
- Superior and classy packaging


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