If my memory didn't fail me, an ex-colleague introduced me to Gmarket – shopping Fun and be Colorful
Gmarket! Online shopping 
it is now known as Qoo10 (since May 2012)
Qoo10 Logo 

I created my account since end of 2010 but never really tried to explore the site coz it is always flashing~

So here's my tip for you if you are intending to shop in Qoo10 aka Gmarket: 
Upon entering the website (www.qoo10.com.sg or www.gmarket.com.sg), on the right side of the page there is a button with the word "Stop flash". Click on it and you shall be saved from all those flashing and slow loading of webpage.

Next, you might just wana use the search function right at the top of the page to find what you are looking for. They sell tons of stuff in ranging from fashion & clothing, Beauty & sports, Digital & Mobile to Baby & Food. For me, hahaha... I believe you've guessed it! Yes, indeed >> Beauty and Fashion & Clothing are my favourite sections!

Also, another advice to all my readers, friends, relatives, whoever that is reading this or have been told by me to shop on Qoo10/Gmarket, I always emphasize that you need to compare prices.  They have lots of sales, promotion, discount going on and many times sellers take part and give you very Interesting discount which could save you money! Unless you need it urgent and you think that you don't wanna save money on your shopping, I think that it is worth the time to browse through different sellers profile, check on the items reviews and also seller rating, price comparison before you place your order.

So here we go~ I shall go the different Sellers and share abit on the items which I have gotten from them:


I have found a few more sellers on Gmarket/Qoo10 that sells the cosmetics that I've been loving. Check them out by following the links below!


pucchi Cosme
HolikaHolika eyeliners & products! There's several other korean brand cosmetics that they carry such as SkinFood, EtudeHouse and many more, pricing is reasonable and delivery is prompt!

If I didn't remember wrongly, they are the first whom I got my elf eyelid primers from. The sell many other items ranging from beauty to clothings to household.
Check out their store in Qoo10/Gmarket~

More Skin79 BB cream sellers below~

wowmall This is where I get most of my BB Creams at a much lower price than retail outlets like Watson's, Guardian and John Little. Follow the link to find lots more products from Baviphat, Skin79, TonyMoly, DrJart and etc..

For those on a budget, do check out their various shops below:


The Mimosa GardenI have helped my friends, myself and my sister to get the makeup palettes from them many times. They always provide speedy delivery and there's once when I made a bulk purchase, my delivery was automatically "upgraded" to registered mail article. The way they pack their goods is very commendable, even when I order a single palette with normal mail, I dun have to worry if the pots will break as there is always a VERY THICK layer of bubble wrap around it. They also have an official website here.

sgladyI've gotten my travel size 5pc brush from this seller at only $5.00, very good quality product at extremely reasonable price. They have many other makeup / beauty tools and more, its gonna take you quite some time to browse through all their products. Link to the makeup brush set here.


For this Seller, I will strongly recommend getting the Cellio Lipstick coz its at $11 for 3pcs.


TakeFiveThis is where I found my Plus Size Swimsuit! Hahaha.. I was so happy with it that I bought a second piece + one of the translucent/see-through cardigan. 



I chanced upon the seller's advert on the main page and I bought a shirt for my guy. The quality is good and delivery very fast! Price for some items might be abit higher but generally very stylish products which might be hard to get for guys.  


Fat DinoYes! Found my Plus size dresses here from this seller! She is very helpful and replies my Gmarket queries/whatsapp/SMS messages very fast and for this purchase, out of 3 items, I did get a dress which I believe originally cost more than what I paid for. Please do check out the other items (especially the plus size / regular clothings) in her shop. She does provide clothings with many different styles - casual, dinner & dance, work wear, cute and lolli etc.. The best thing for me, is of coz the plus size options that are available. ^o^


My first purchase from this seller, I have yet used the product, but I wish to share with all that the seller is very generous! lots of samples provided and the Mask & Cleanser which I bought comes with a clear rubber-like bowl and brush for mixing the powder into a mask.

FS.Rain: I am currently using the Oxygen Bubble Mask & Cleanser, it is similar to Fancl's Cleansing Powder, has no scent, white in color, need just a bit to foam up once contact with water and upon rubbing your palms together. The after-wash feeling on the face is great! Skin feels very soft and smooth. Cleanses quite well (notice that I can't even squeeze out anything from pores post-cleansing) and yet does not dry up the skin. Yet to try it as a mask.. once I get it tried shall update this post or the post on skincare routine.


Pretty Shop My First purchase with seller and I received lots of samples!! The best thing about this is that the product which seller has is currently not found in local SkinFood and TheFaceShop stores. The items are also priced very competitively as compared to retail price.


That's all for now~ I hope that the above information will help you to better enjoy your shopping online, as I have always enjoy browsing through Gmarket and comparing different products from different sellers and enjoy the reward of hitting on a GREAT DEAL! Enjoy~


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