Look of the day:

2011-12-11 13.08.03.jpg 2011-12-11 13.08.55.jpg
The above was taken in the bus.
2011-12-11 12.59.52.jpg 
In the train.. very bright lighting.

Products used are listed below:

- Mini Girl's Triple Magic BB Cream SPF37/PA ++

 2011-12-11 13.03.19.jpg 2011-12-11 13.03.37.jpg  
- e.l.f clarifying pressed powder in Rosy Beige

2011-12-11 13.04.40.jpg 2011-12-11 13.04.07.jpg  

Eyes & Brows
- e.l.f My Little Black Beauty Book (cool)
2011-10-27 01.08.36.jpg 2011-10-27 01.08.21.jpg  

- Daiso retractable brow pencil in black
2011-12-07 10.30.31.jpg 2011-12-07 10.29.55.jpg  

- Maybelline Unstoppable retractable eyeliner in black (sorry, no photo for this)

- Silkygirl Double intense mascara in black
SilkyGirl Double Intense Mascara

- Cellio lipstick in no.18 Sweet Brown
2011-09-07 23.58.52.jpg  SAM_0390.JPG  

I've actually been posting my "Look of the day" photos via my Google+ account.. but couldn't get this up earlier hence... I shall just post it in my blog the~ XD with the blog, I can do a mini review too!

The colours which I used for my eyes are the greens in the palette. The cellio lipstick was from Gmarket too~ I got it at 3pcs for $11 including delivery by TAQBin! It's not very moisturizing, but it does not dry up my lips. Staying power is Good!

As for elf products, I've always found it to be very good, especially colour payoff. In this case, as I forgot to apply my eye primer, it really shows the quality of the eyeshadows.

Till the next mini review~

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