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Look of the Day: 08 Feb 2012 (Wednesday)

- Skin79 Absolute Total BB cream
- L.A. Color Mineral pressed powder, Fair
- O2 Skin Blossoms Blush, Fuschia

- elf eyelid primer, Pearl
- IS'MINE 78pc palette shadows
ISMINE78pcPalette-Silver & Brown Neutrals palette1.jpg  
- Silky Girl Lash Curler waterproof film mascara, black

- Maybelline Water Shine Diamonds, #301 (nudy beige)
Maybelline Water Shine Diamonds - 301 Nudy Beige Swatch2.jpg Maybelline Water Shine Diamonds - 301 Nudy Beige Swatch1.jpg  

Similar to the day before, I have circled out the shadows which are used for the eyes:
ISMINE78pcPalette-Silvery Grey Smokes - colours used.jpg  

This small palette is quite a great option for a day-to-day makeup, which from just these few shades you can create tons of looks!

ISMINE78pcPalette-Silvery Grey Smokes2.jpg  ISMINE78pcPalette-Silvery Grey Smokes3.jpg  

How do you find the look for today?



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