72 Glitter Palette-Mild Gold Fusion17.jpg 72 Glitter Palette-Mild Gold Fusion18.jpg  

Mid-week right after V-day.. Still using my sparkly glitter palette for this week.. hence I decided I shall input more colours this time.. but it seems that the gold effect is not quite strong.. Were you able to notice it?

- Skin79 Hot Pink Super+ BB Cream
- L.A. Colors Mineral Pressed Powder, Fair
- elf Essential Natural Radiance Blush, Coy

Eyes & Brows
- elf Eyelid Primer, Pearl
- 72pc Glitter Palette
- NYX Doll Eye Volume Mascara

- elf Studio Glossy Gloss, Wild Watermelon

Mild Gold Fusion - Colours Used wFlashlight.jpg Mild Gold Fusion - Colours Used.jpg  
Colors used on the eyes
A- Shimmery Silver-White base colour, all-over lids below crease area & inner corner of eyes
B- Gold, center lids
C- Antique Gold, creaese & outer v, smudged upwards into skin color
D- Sparkly deep purple, upper & lower lash line
Mild Gold Fusion-Colour Distribution.jpg  

I'm suddenly wondering if any of you realised that I have actually more photos taken for each LOTD. If you click on the photos in each blog post, it will link you to the photo album where the rest of the photos reside.

That's all for now~
Hope that I'll be able to get my tutorial up soon!! XD



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