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Look of the Day: 24 Feb 2012 (Fri)

- Skin79 Hot Pink Super+ BB Cream
- L.A. Colors Mineral Pressed Powder, Fair
- elf Blush & Bronzer Quad

- Daiso auto brow pencil, Black

- Jordana Eye Primer, Nude
- 72 Glitter Palette, Orangey-bronze + Taupe-grey + light orange-beige + deep purple
- Maybelline Unstoppable Smudge Proof Eyeliner, Black
- essence I LOVE EXTREME Volume Mascara, Black

- L.A. Girl Platinum Collection Lipgloss, LG859 Blazing Violet

Colours used and where it's applied as follow:
TGIF Orange Bronze-Colours used wFlashlight TGIF Orange Bronze-Colours Used TGIF Orange Bronze - eyeline TGIF Orange Bronze - Colours Distribution  

Yay~ its Friday again!
What's your plan tonight? I just hope that I can leave office on time or b4 7pm.. Stayed too late last night, very shagged..

TGIF Orange Bronze21-titedup-Left TGIF Orange Bronze20-tiltedup-right  

Have a great Weekend!


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