Hi Everyone!

If you've heard of, tried it before, seen my review & swatches posts on SilkyGirl's lipsticks previously, you might be interested in these recently released lipsticks!!
SilkyGirl Moisture Smooth & MoistureShine LipColour-03   

As I've had gotten quite a few of their previous range lipsticks and just kind of curious of this 2 new range, I've gotten 1 from each range to try them out.

Let's start with some pictures and swatches for:

SILKYGIRL Moisture Smooth LipColour in #13 Light Blossom
SilkyGirl Moisture Smooth LipColour-13 Light Blossom-01 
SilkyGirl Moisture Smooth LipColour-13 Light Blossom-02
SilkyGirl Moisture Smooth LipColour-13 Light Blossom-05


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很稀有的一篇[今妝],很難得我決定以中文開頭! =)

17 OCT 2012:
今天所化的妝是比較少人會在上班日化的. 但我覺得阿,偶爾偶爾來個比較Happening,又繽紛燦爛加鮮豔的眼妝還是很不錯的一番滋味,也讓上班時的心情"新鮮"一點嘛!
Basically the office Makeup that I have today is rather not-in-the-norm, it's blue smokey right now!! 

好吧, 讓我們看一看我說了那麼多卻還沒亮出來的照片吧:
Firstly, let's take a look at the photo for this look. 

LOTD-Gradation Smokey Blues-02


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CherryCulture Facebook HITS 30K sales!

Check out CherryCulture now!!

Usually when it's at 20% off everything it is a really good deal!

Happy Shopping people~




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Hi everyone!

I've finally decided to try use my Jordana Lipstick in Fiesta (LS-022) which looks like deep purple-ish shade.

As i've never even swatched it at all, am surprised that the colour upom application is more of a deep Burgundy-Purple-Red.
The colour resembles Revlon Lip Butter in Lolipop.

It has a pleasantly light and freshly sweet scent which i really like!
Texture seems thick and needs a bit of warmth to soften it a bit more before it slides like a cream.

The colour is intense but not as purple as i thought it would be.


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Indoor Artificial Lighting - on MRTOutdoor Daylight Shot

It's been the longest time since the last LOTD. How are ya'll doing?

There's been lots of "over due" posts for my blog but i think it doesn't hurt for me to digress on posts that I'm working on to something fun and cheery!

I've gotten some new colour lenses from Blincon (korean brand) which I found selling in an optic shop at Basement 1 of The Central.

I've gotten 4 pairs @SGD75. It's usually 1 pair for SGD25. For the lenses to be sold in an optical shop, it has to be tested and approved by our Ministry Of Health. I feel more assured to buy colour lenses from optical shops for safety considerations.

Alright, enough of blabber now. Let's take a look at the products used to create this look!

Contact Lens
- Blincon Color Lens #BB-Red



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Hey ppl~

Finally got to finish with my visit to the doctor. Thinking of picking up some stuff from Watsons n getting some healthy plain water, I recalled the free Glow Magazine E coupon available on my Watsons Mobile app!

Its still available at rivervale mall.

Go get yours now!

Thank you Watsons! =)


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Hey people!

If you haven't already noticed that Cherry Culture now carries China Glaze polishes, you could have at least been informed right now!

Especially so where there is a 15% off on all China Glaze products on Cherry Culture from now till 26 October 2012!

Hurry up & check it out!

Happy shopping~



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I've gotten 3 books earlier this year and thus far finished the "Body Language Of Love" and just very recently done with the author Queen 女王's 3rd book -女王力 which I'm translating it to "Queen Power", perhaps something similar to the kinda thoughts & perspective of "Girl Power".

This book was written in chinese, but still, I wish to share my thoughts after I'm done reading it.

My first thoughts were like.. If only I got this earlier (including her earlier books), I would have not made all those silly mistakes that I did.. yet somehow it makes me felt better that I might have done stupid things, it could hace gotten worse, and compared to what her friends went through, I should be grateful I didnt.

I'm not gonna talk about the contents of the book as its gonna be a spoiler for potential readers. I would like to emphasize that you will know what to expect from this book just by the words on its cover:



The above 2 lines basically means:

"A woman decides her value!

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SilkyGirl-Lash Prism Waterproof Mascara-01 Blackest Black-01  

Hey everyone!

It's been awhile since my last mini review for a mascara in my makeup stash. Quite a few are already getting dry, it's gonna be dumped out soon..

Anyway, today's spotlight shall be casting over the 1st mascara which I've bought from SilkyGirl, Lash Prism Waterproof Mascara in #01 Blackest Black.

My thoughts:
SilkyGirl-Lash Prism Waterproof Mascara-01 Blackest Black-02 SilkyGirl-Lash Prism Waterproof Mascara-01 Blackest Black-03 
- Simple & sleek packaging
- Has a slim and "waisted" traditional bristles (reminds me of NYX Doll Eye Mascara)
- Super intense black
- Initially extremely wet formular, now dry down to something creamy yet not clumpy texture


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Day1-JiaoXiTownship-Map-01 Day1-JiaoXiTownship-Map-02     
Day1-JiaoXiStation-01 Day1-JiaoXiStation-02 Day1-TaoYuanAirport2Taipei-KuoKuang-03 Day1-TaoYuanAirport2Taipei-KuoKuang-04  

Hey everyone!

I'm back from my Taiwan trip and in this Health & Beauty + Review blog, I'm gonna be sharing with you more on the stuff l've enjoyed staying, eating, experiencing and sighting in the different counties/towns/districts of Taiwan that I've been.

As for details & how-to of my trip's itinerary, transport arrangment, please check out my other blogs for more information:
1) FS.Rain's BlogSpirit (English)
2) 芳.夏爾颸的無名小站(中文)


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2012 Pixnet Birthday Event - Finding Happix  


After sooooooo many days, I've finally found all the 9 different HAPPIX which are hidding everywhere!! 

My only complain is that the tips provided on the cards are like... difficult to read. Coz whenever you mouse-over it, the card flips.. and you can't see the tips anymore.

I really hope that I'll win something from this event, it's really fun searching high and low for all the 9 little HAPPIX monsters!

Thank you Pixnet!! It's a very enjoyable event!




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2011-10-25 20.45.51.jpg 2011-10-27 01.06.15.jpg  

I believe most of my readers who followed my look of the day posts would have found out my love for elf cosmetics, and noticed the number of elf items that I own.

***WARNING: Graphics-heavy and Lengthy entry***

Finally! After much struggling and juggling between work, life and blogging commitments, this article is born!

I've tried my best to share my reviews on all the products I own and if I missed out anything about the products, leave a comment below and I shall respond to you as soon as I can.

Some general FAQ targeted at Singapore (maybe asia too) audience:


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Hi everyone!

You won't believe how many times I've been rewriting this post on my mobile app! At least 4 times! Somehow something went wrong with me & I kept pressing back button before saving the chunks of info typed... All is gone.. The mobile app does not have "ctrl-Z". TT-TT

Anyway... this mini review, its gonna be a quick sharing of my thoughts and availability on all the products which I have (& Tried) from NYX!

Where to buy?

A) Online Websites with Shipping options
:: International ::
- CherryCulture
- NonPareil Boutique
- PorkDaisy


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Daiso Haul-AUG2012-03 Daiso Haul-JUL2012-02 Daiso Shopping_25Aug2012-02  

Up till now I'm somehow still feeling a little bit of amazement and kinda unbelievable about the fact that makeup and even skincare could be really cheap yet remains Good (some were Awesome!) in terms of quality & performance!!

Despite being in the state of bewilderment, i'm gonna share with you the skincare products by Daiso that I highly recommend & for just SGD2.00, you could give it a shot!

... and here we go~

Firstly, we gotta cleanse!


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Bourjois-Glitter Eyeliner Pencil-Blue-02


Time for another quick review of an old trusty eyeliner that i've owned for sometime and I should be throwing it away soon.. But never end up doing so as the liner always seems to be still usable after getting sharpened.

Bourjois-Glitter Eyeliner Pencil-Blue-01    
So here it is! My thoughts on the Bourjois Glitter Eye liner pencil in Blue:
- Soft & smooth, glides on the lids easily without much tugging
- Good pigmentation, glitters are visible after drawing eye lines


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