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I came across Althea's site around early March this year.. but haven't really wanted to try shopping with them yet as I didn't really heard much about them from people around me.

When I decided to have a trip to seoul, while researching on itinerary, I came across their site again. This time, I saw a call out for bloggers to take part in a shopping experience with Althea. I applied and was really honoured to be given a chance to shop with them. I have 50 credits to spend (equivalent to S$50) and due to may hectic work schedule I didn't get to shop on their site till I was in Korea!

As ironic as it might seems to be, I shopped on Althea while I was in Seoul, using my Galaxy Note 4. Well... it happens that I tried to find some interesting brands while in Myeong Dong and Hongik University area but didn't managed to find any less-heard of brands nor the trendy or crazed phenomenally-hyped items there... I might have been too relaxed n engrossed with food hunt with my family. .. Anyways, I was really glad that I found these items on Althea site, which I doubt that I'll be able to scout for them during my trip in Seoul. 

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FS.Rain's Shop, blogshop, carousell shop
FS'☆Shöp is opened!!!
Come shop with me now at
☆芳.夏薾颸▪网购站☆ 开幕啦!! 请浏览一下网页:
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Finally, I'm able to get my hands onto this post! Although I have got quite a good amount of makeup, but if I'm being restricted to only get 3 items and to use it on a daily basis yet able to bring out something different for every look, here's what i'll choose. I will break it into 3 groups of products that I will most probably get depending on my needs (trying to put myself into shoes of my readers who might have different needs from me)

{Combo 1}
This first combination of 3 different products is for those who wish to have people's attention on their eyes, have something beneficial for their skin, has flawless skin or don't care about flaws being seen (that's me!) and has naturally pigmented lips.
a. BB cream
b. Mascara
c. Eye Shadow Quad / Mini Palette

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I have been with Carousell, Qoo10 and Shopee (plus my BlogShop) for some time but I do find that it's hard to organise Spree via these platforms due to several reasons:

- They are shopping platforms, items put up on sale based on stock count
- They do not offer transactional safety / no payment handling
- Less flexibility for buyers to customise their request.

So i chanced upon AirFrov in an email newsletter as member of Vanitee.

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Received from my dearest ex-boss and friend Peggy Tan: what each animal in the Chinese Zodiac symbolises and represents. Why and how they are arranged in the Zodiac. Recall the legends of the 12 Zodiac (12生肖的传说/故事), it's show how reflecting what ancesters wished upon their decendents: the desired virtues to possess. I think that this should be shared although this ain't beauty related. 虽然以下的内容源自Whatsapp友群互传的内容(属实性无从追究), 也和美容沾不上边, 我觉得这是一篇的内容很具启发性。也应该大肆转发。我指的是十二生肖的含义及祖先们对于自子孙孙们的期许。



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Purchased from: Nice Cosmetics (Seletar Mall branch)
Price: SGD 14.90
Country of Origin: Korea

I was initially drawn in by the cute and colourful packaging. Bullet style shape and curvy body always attracts my attention, topping it off with vibrant colours are just too hard to miss. 

However,  having so many options out there,  just the outer appearance of products aren't enough draw to get me buy it. The real pull factors are the scent and actual color of lipstick in tube and upon application. 

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017 LOTD-New Years Eve Party Makeup Look 1-23.jpg 017 LOTD-New Years Eve Party Makeup Look 1-29.jpg 017 LOTD-New Years Eve Party Makeup Look 1-30.jpg 017 LOTD-New Years Eve Party Makeup Look 1-26.jpg 017 LOTD-New Years Eve Party Makeup Look 1-19.jpg  

Hello people~

It's that time of the year where we get out and squeeze ourselves with loads of friends and strangers while enjoying the music and anticipating for our idols performance before the finale of the night --- Fireworks!!

If you are still cracking your head over what makeup to wear, check out the video below:


017 LOTD-New Years Eve Party Makeup-ProductsUsed-05.jpg   

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Catrice All Round Mascara 1  Catrice All Round Mascara 2  

Hi Everyone!!!

It's been a long time since I done up a review.

For today, it's gonna be a review for a drugstore mascara which I have tried for the last 1-2 weeks and really loving.
We are gonna talk about CATRICE Cosmetics All Round Mascara in Ultra Black.

Before I go on and on, you might be keen to watch the video review and also application on my lower lashes here:

Before I share my thoughts with you, here are some close-up shots of the mascara applied on my lashes. I did only 1 coat of the mascara on both eyes, upper and lower lashes. No curling of lashes prior to application.

Catrice All Round Mascara Close-up 1  Catrice All Round Mascara Close-up 2

Some information on the products below:

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Hi eveyone~

I have decided to work on a personal project to improve my skills in makeup application + share the joy of makeup with more people around me!

I am looking for the bravest and most courages volunteers who could be my makup model during your free time.

As I am based in Singapore, hence my targetted volunteers are those who are staying in Singapore too!!

Requirements & Disclaimer:

  1. Preferably 16 years old and above; If you are younger than 16 please seek for your parents'/guardians' permission to volunteer.
  2. Preferably those without skin allergies nor sensitivity. If you have skin conditions as specified here, and you are still keen on lending me a hand, kindly prepare your own makeup items suitable for your skin.
  3. Volunteers are required to disclose personal information during sign-up to allow me to contact you for further discussion and arrangement. Please be assured that your personal information shall not be disclosed for any further use except for the purpose of contacting you for the voluntary makeup modelling.
  4. I am also keen to work with events organizer / charitable organizations for their functions.
  5. I am not a professional makeup artists and I shall not be liable for any reaction from the participants' skin due to the makeup items used during and after the modelling session.

To sign-up as my voluntary makeup model, please complete the registration here.

Thank you for your support and I look forward to hearing from you!!!

If you know of anyone who might be keen, please pass the message along!!
Join in the events page to receive updates or interact with me and the rest of the makeup enthusiasts community!

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Happy Chinese New Year~~

Hope that everyone who's celebrating this festival is spending good time with your family and loved ones.

I am rather occupied with preparation for my exams (old but still gotta continue professional studies) hence I have now, a very simple, easy to do and almost suitable for all types of clothes that you are gonna be wearing this CNY while visiting your relatives and friends.

It is a pinkish and glittery smokey eye look which only requires the following products:

- essence Mattifying Compact Powder, 04 Perfect Beige 
- essence Multi Colour Blush, 20 Fashionista

- L'Oreal Infallible Eye shadows (Iridescent Finish) 012 Endless Chocolate
- L'Oreal Infallible Eye shadows (Iridescent Finish) 004 Forever Pink
- essence get BIG! LASHES volume BOOST mascara (left eye)
- essence get BIG! LASHES triple BLACK mascara (right eye)

- essence Stay With Me long lasting gloss, 05 I like cotton candy

If time permits, I shall try out a funky/crazy look for this auspicious and crazily "ang gong gong" season!

Thank you for check this out, leave me a comment if you have any suggestion for makeup tutorials or any product reviews for you.

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Essence twin pack mascara on sale

Hello peple~~

It's a great bargain that you shouldn't miss!

essence cosmetics is having the twin pack promotion for the following mascaras at SGD4.90/pack!

Pack 1 - essence get BIG! LASHES volume BOOST mascara (Black tube) + essence get BIG! LASHES triple BLACK mascara (Purple tube)

Pack 2 - essence get BIG! LASHES volume BOOST waterproof mascara (Blue tube) + essence get BIG! LASHES triple BLACK mascara (Purple tube)


Visit all the watsons store listed below to get yours now!! It's a limited time promotion and may be taken down from display very soon.

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Daiso @ Rivervale Mall Daiso @ Rivervale Mall 20140201_144222.jpg

Hey everyone~~

I bet you are not totally unfamiliar with the findings of "gold" in Daiso!

Most recently last year (2013), I have gotten a video recorded featuring the hair accessories that I love from Daiso.

Many times if you were to even scout around the neighbourhood accessories stores, the cheapest scrunchies or hair ties are typically slightly more expensive than Daiso's.
I am usually on the look out for scrunchies as they tie up your hair in the most beautiful way that makes it pretty and cute, yet holding power is good!
Daiso Hair Accessory-Ring Ponytail Holder-Blue-04 Daiso Elegance Hair Scrunchy-3 Brown-03 Daiso Mini Dot Scrunchy-Black wWhite Polka Dot-01 

To find out what I've picked, check it out right below:

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Essence Cosmetics Challenge-Sunny Tropics Cover.jpg  
It's been soooooo long since I uploaded any video~
Gosh, time really vanish right infront of your eyes!
I am naming this look as the "Sunny Tropics" as the eye makeup is rather warm in my view.

Close up shots:
Essence Cosmetics Challenge-Sunny Tropics-016.JPG  

Essence Cosmetics Challenge-Sunny Tropics-044.jpg Essence Cosmetics Challenge-Sunny Tropics-045.jpg Essence Cosmetics Challenge-Sunny Tropics-046.jpg Essence Cosmetics Challenge-Sunny Tropics-047.jpg  

Video Tutorial:

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Hello People~~

It's all gonna be Nails and more nails today~Oh wait.. I meant, Artificial Nails / Fake Nails.. not Acrylic nails though.. just those that you glue or paste 'em on!

To answer all questions that you may have, this post shall be organized into 3 parts:
a) Introducing Fake/Artificial Nails (chips/tips)
What are these? Where to get them? How to put them on?

b) Wearing fake/artificial nails
How to maintain them? Dos & Don'ts? They don't fit me well..Trim it!

c) Removing fake/artificial nails
How do I remove them? No-nos to Nails Removal

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Hey people~

Look what I've found! !!


If anyone uses the Shills slimming creams and lotions is thing to buy the roller / massager that might come in a set of the slimming products,  Daiso has a dupe for it!!

I got the red roller in a set of Shills slimming products some years back. I saw this roller being sold online at around NT199 (Taiwan dollars) which is about SGD6 or 7.

At daiso it's only SGD2.00!!!

Quality and built is equivalent to the original and I personally prefer green colour.

Try it!! It does help to keep your hands feeling less tired as u use it to rub n massage slimming products onto your body.


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